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We are pleased to share the testimonials of our satisfied customers.

Leigh A.

My first cleaning was fabulous. I came home from vacation to a wonderfully cleaned home. Took a load of stress out of returning from vacation.

Michael C.

I have had a great experience with Smart Touch Cleaning . The owner was detail oriented and The staff he sent are very efficient and nice. They do an excellent job with my house, as I know its a bit challenging with dogs. But they get the job done. I have had other cleaning services, however no one has been as thorough as Smart touch Cleaning . I highly recommend them.

Linda C.

The owner communicated with me conscientiously. The team did a good job in a short amount of time!

Jean R.

They did an excellent job! They were able to come within my timeline of just a few days. They were able to change their time to come in afternoon not morning They took their time and did a deep clean I will be using their service going forward

Sonya B.

Customer service has been top notch and I expect nothing less when they come next week to tidy up our home!

Laura B.

This cleaning service is very professional and courteous.

Shannon B.

My dad had been incapacitated for a long time and they made his apartment likeable again. Great price, communicated with me the whole time. I’d highly recommend them.

Andrea K.

The team did a very good job. They were very responsive and available to start within 48 hours of my request. I really liked the eco friendly products used which left a fresh and clean smell. I would highly recommend!

Tiffany S.

They were reaponsive, met me same day. Within 48 hours hired and had first cleaning. Amazing. They worked through each room. So relaxed coming home and cleaned as my family who owned a cleaning business did. Highly recommended

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