Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Our cleaning system distinguishes us. Our customers keep coming back to us because we provide services that clean their homes and apartments to the smallest details. This extensive cleaning system, which we call our Detail-Clean Rotation System, has proven to be effective in more than five million cleaning systems!

What’s included with this service?
  • Window glass cleaning with a special solution
  • Window screens clean
  • Cleaning sills, tracks, and frames of windows
  • To remove strips and drips, dry each window
  • The estimates of providers assume that each window has two medium-sized panels; larger windows or additional panels can lead to a revised estimate on site
Why should I hire a window washer to clean my windows?
Hiring a professional window washer for window cleaning not only allows you to do something more pleasant and less dangerous but also results better. Today’s windows often include polymer coatings, which is important for their care and cleaning. Some chemicals can harm these coatings, leaving an ugly residue that’s difficult to remove.  Window washers can access, prepare and clean your windows quickly and safely, even in places that are difficult to reach, such as upper floors or skylights.
What if I need to clean more windows than what this service offers?
Purchase the largest window cleaning option above and discuss your specific needs directly with your window washer, which can then provide you with a custom price estimate. You can choose to accept or reject the estimate of the window washer, and you will be charged only after the job has been completed.
Does cleaning windows include sills, screens, paths, frames, and blinds?
Your window washer will remove, clean and restore the screens and clean the sills, tracks, and frames of your window. Blinds, however, are not included.
What if my windows require the removal of excessive build-up?
Your cleaning service for windows includes removing typical debris from your windows. If your windows are covered with stickers, paint splatters, caulk, concrete, stucco or other build-ups, the window washer can increase the estimate, in which case you can approve before paying a dime.
Why should I have the interior and exterior sides of my windows cleaned?
Only one side of the window cleaning does half the job. External dirt is part of the problem, but interior fingerprints and dust are another. Cleaning the window on both sides ensures that you are really happy with the end result.


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