After Renovation

After Renovation

The renovation of a property can be a long and tedious process, but a newly decorated space is rewarded. There are still a few things to remember after all the work is done before you can completely relax and enjoy the space you have chosen. One of them is the proper cleaning of the whole area, mainly by experts in the cleaning of intelligent touch after renovation.

The use of construction tools and utilities is required for every major renovation work. There is a mess left when the work is done, as contractors are most likely not obliged to clean the space by contract. This means many dust specs and other particles that can reach even the least likely spots in your home. For all members of the household to relax , the house must be cleaned thoroughly. Here’s what you need to remember.

Wiping down surfaces

Almost all surfaces in your room can collect dust during construction, so they need to be thoroughly wiped. This applies even to the walls and closets, no matter their height. Closets and cabinets should be cleaned both externally and internally, including all shelves. Whether the used cloth is wet or dry depends on the wiped surface, but don’t forget to go over all counter tops and flat surfaces.


It’s time to start vacuuming after all the surfaces have been wiped. All excess dust and dirt can fall to the ground and surrounding surfaces, residing in the smallest cracks and holes. Do not only cover the carpets and upholstery but also all soft surfaces, such as couch covers. To remove all residue dust, they must be vacuumed separately and carefully, because they are used daily. This is an essential part of the cleaning process for intelligent touch cleaning after renovation.

Cleaning air vents and replacing filters

Excess dust and dirt not only make your new space look dirty, but can also lead to breathing problems. This is particularly dangerous when dust and debris linger in the air long enough to get into the air. For this reason, vents in the nearby area should be removed immediately and thoroughly cleaned before the specs have spread to the remaining vents in the house. Any filter influenced by the process of renovation should be removed and replaced by a new one.

Other areas to be cleaned

Other areas should still be cleaned following a renovation process. For a complete dust-free area, be sure to remember items such as small appliances, decorative items such as lampshades and picture frames, light fixtures, ceilings, and other fans, as well as door knobs.

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No More Chores is an expert cleaning service provider for all the needs of your Triad. We know what it’s like after a major renovation and we know how to make sure that after our cleaning process no debris is left to bother you.


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