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Mattress Cleaning

We spend almost one-third of our life in mattresses. Putting on clean sheets is not enough to say the bed is clean. You should also consider what’s underneath the sheets, and people rarely think of cleaning their mattresses. There might be hidden dirt absorbed by the mattress, causing foul smell and itchiness when you lie down. Your mattress is exposed to different things such as sweat, dust, skin flakes, drool, and even a kid’s urine. Even with regular vacuuming of the mattress or changing the sheets, you cannot completely get rid of the debris accumulated on your mattress. We are providing professional mattress cleaning services in North Carilina. Our expert team of cleaners removes every stain or spots on your mattress and ensure its free of dust mites and allergens.

It’s important to have a clean mattress to keep you relaxed, comfortable, and healthy. You will get the bad smell out of your mattress with the cleaning. Also, the fabric is not spoiled, and you will be kept safe away from disease-causing bacteria with our mattress cleaning. We are following proven technology in effectively removing dust, pollen, and other contaminants from your mattress. Our mattress cleaner team will provide your mattress the specialized care using the right equipment at a low cost. Every corner of your mattress will be clean, fresh, and disinfected.
How our mattress cleaning works?
We will examine the mattress and use the appropriate mattress cleaning method. The most effective technique followed is the mattress deep-cleaning by shampooing. We use German-made Karcher brand cleaning equipment with a very powerful vacuum capability. The mattress would be dry and chemical-free after the procedure. We guarantee the original freshness and status of the mattress without any odor.
We offer mattress cleaning in the following five steps:
Step 1: Removing the dirt and dust on the surface by vacuuming. All those unwanted particles accumulated on the surface are removed by this.
Step 2: Applying the shampoo on the surface to loosen the dirt and debris. We use a very high quality product which is perfect for the toughest stains.
Step 3: Removing the spots and stains on the surface. The cleaners will give special attention to those areas to get it completely removed.
Step 4: Then, the machine will extract out the dirt and other contaminants from the inside of the mattress using a powerful vacuum.
Step 5: Repeat the extraction process until the mattress is dry and restored to its former condition.
 Why choose us?
The main highlights of our service:
Deep cleaning and sanitizing
Complete dusting off mites
Prevention of contamination
Spot cleaning
Short hours of drying time
We, at Smart Touch Cleaning, advise everyone to protect your mattress once the cleaning is done. You can use a fabric waterproof mattress cover and put it over the mattress under your regular bed sheet. We are the leading sofa, carpet, and mattress cleaning company in North Carolina offering the service at the best price. Our expert cleaners would come to your home with the machine and clean at your home. They would vacuum and clean your mattress on the same day of booking.
If you think your mattress is dirty and requires a thorough cleaning don’t wait for more. Either book online or call us on 336-505-9280 right away and get the best mattress cleaning North Carolina is offering you.

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