Smart Touch Cleaning COVID-19

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Covid-19 Protocols 


Do you have plenty of PPE and recommended disinfectant on hand to
ensure your employees can work safely to protect themselves and your

Yes, Our employees have been given masks and hand sanitizer to keep for
themselves at all times while on the job. In fact, when we were initially
slowed down, we had a few employees come into the office that helped us
to make close to 1000 masks to be able to provide to all of our employees.


Are you providing additional training that includes how to properly put on
and take off PPE so they don’t re-contaminate surfaces or contaminate
themselves when putting on or taking off?

Yes, we have been training & continuing discussions of this in our weekly
meetings. We are making sure that masks are being worn correctly, shoe
coverings when necessary, & in some instances we are having them wear
double or triple gloves.


 Do you use equipment like electrostatic sprayers or foggers to provide
additional disinfecting besides hand wiping?

Yes, we have actually been utilizing electrostatic sprayers in the school
systems we serve for 2-3 years now to help combat influenza. Fortunately
we already had them prior to this pandemic as we have been using them
more often & in more than just schools. Churches, Commercial Offices,
Retail customers, have all requested these.


Are you setting up stations with additional disinfectant in spray bottles
that your clients can use to disinfect their work areas? 

Not for every client, but for those that want to purchase additional hand
sanitizer, we have been setting up dispenser stands around their


Are you providing your clients with additional training on how to properly
disinfect? (ie: dwell time)

We have sent out a letter to customers with CDC recommendations and
our commitment to increased cleaning/disinfecting in high touch areas.


Are you doing any Health Checks or Pre-Shift Surveys for your
employees? If so, explain.

Yes, before every shift, each employee has to verbally state they have not
had any illness symptoms along with having their supervisor scan them for
temperature. They then have to sign & date a document we keep on file for


What is your protocol when an employee shows symptoms or have been
diagnosed with Covid-19?

They are not allowed to come back to work unless there is verification from
a doctor’s office that COVID or any other illness is not present.


What is your protocol for allowing an employee back to work if they have
shown symptoms or have been diagnosed?

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First, they have to be verified from a doctor’s office of diagnosis. Then they
have to self quarantine for at least 2 weeks, and must have a 2nd doctor’s
letter stating that they are symptom free.

What are your social distancing guidelines for your employees?


What additional training are you providing your employees? (GBAC
Fundamentals, Hazard Communication, Bloodborne Pathogens, other?)

Our employees have always been trained on Bloodborne Pathogens & Haz
Comm. We are currently not requiring certification on GBAC Fundamentals
but this is at the front of discussion at every weekly meeting we are having
and the importance of cleaning for health. 


 Have you updated your SDS sheets for any new chemicals you use?

Working on it now that you mentioned it! They will be updated this week. 


How are you changing your cleaning protocols to provide additional
disinfecting services?

During this time, we have added a new high-touch disinfecting procedure
where we use disinfectant cleaning agents on all door knobs, light
switches, door frames, handrails, appliance control panels and other high
touch areas in the areas we service.
Our trained custodial staff will continue to use hospital-grade products in
their cleaning regimen to help reduce the spread of communicable
illnesses. If you see our staff wearing masks, do not be alarmed. We are
simply taking an extra precaution as we enter a multitude of areas
throughout the week.


How are you disinfecting equipment between homes?

We are wearing shoe coverings, masks, and gloves into every home &
discarding them upon exit of each home. We are also spraying and
disinfecting larger equipment such as vacuums and buckets. Hand
sanitizer is available in every maid service vehicle.
In some instances we are using throw-away microfiber rags. It’s more
important than ever to be using a professionally trained cleaning service
that will NOT cross contaminate!


For clients that are home during the cleaning, how are you cleaning
around them (ie: they go to a different part of the home?)

If there are symptoms of illness for any persons in the homes we service,
we ask them to call so that we can postpone or reschedule cleaning. We
are calling almost every customer before every cleaning to check (some
routine customers said keep coming & they will notify us of any changes).
Our staff utilizes waterproof cleaning aprons that allow them to carry a
variety of cleaning agents and microfiber towels without having to
backtrack. Our cleaners are instructed to keep their distance.