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Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Cleaning

Our professional carpet cleaning service is a great way to bring the best back to your tired or stained carpets. Many people think that a stained or old carpet needs to be replaced, but that is rarely the case. Cleaning your carpet on a regular basis, around every 3-6 months, will keep it looking and feeling fresh. But even if your carpet has been neglected a bit with no shampoo sessions in recent years there is still hope! Deep cleaning carpets will bring a carpet back to its best. It will remove 99% of stains, germs and removes dust mites. It will bring the color back to its best and make the carpet look like new, without having to worry about replacing it.

Our cleaning service is environmentally friendly and safe for children and pets to be on the carpet immediately after the clean. It also dries in a super-fast 2 hours on average with our system of sucking up used water as it cleans! We have a wide range of shampoos to suit almost any kind of fabric including wool carpets. Our cleaning shampoos are of the highest commercial quality shampoo and stain removers. We use all of our products to their full effect to make sure we get all the stains and marks out of your carpet and upholstery as humanly possible.

We also deep clean upholstery to bring your seats and suites back to their showroom finish. Just like your carpets, the deep clean of your upholstery will remove almost all stains, odor, dirt, germs and dust mites. It will leave it looking, feeling and smelling fresh, and will dry in just two hours.

Why choose Smart Touch Cleaning for your deep carpet cleaning;

  • Pre-inspection of the carpet or upholstery to ensure a smooth clean
  • Shampoo to suit the material will be used for a perfect clean every time
  • Deep clean to remove 99% of stains, germs and dust mites
  • Brighten colors and rejuvenate fibers
  • Leaves carpets and upholstery smelling and looking fresh
  • Removes bad odors
  • Fully Insured
  • Fully trained staff who are friendly and professional at all times
  • Dry in around just 2 hours!


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